Saturday, 18 February 2012

My turn ons and turn offs

I've been asked so many times by guys "what turns me on"?

Honestly, thats easy, I love a guy whose into similar fetish as me and knows and understands what i feel for my love of fetishwear. I love when a guy teases me, and makes me squirm for what I want (Most cases its him). When a hot looking guy passes me in the street wearing anything leather or tight fitted, my cock twitches in my jeans, and if he smiles and looks at me, I get stiff quicker.
I love a good smile, smiling with his eyes is what I really love.

I'm blessed to say I have found the guy of my dreams recently and am ready now to pack everything here up and move over to him in the East coast of the USA, to be with him eternally. He knows what buttons to press on me to get me aroused and we feel the same way about each other and our love for the fetishwear. I hope to travel over to see him soon so getting so excited about doing that and of course I'll have my suitcase full of my fetishwear for us to play in. He promises to fulfill any fantasies I want fulfilled so I think I'm gonna email him the list I made so far. A sample of this list is ;-

  • I want to experience being pissed on, not necessarily swallowing piss but just feeling it flow down my naked body especially my ass crack. 
  • I love to dry hump a guy in fetishwear
  • I love kinky foreplay or roleplay
  • Since my ass is my control centre, I want to be tongued and deeply rimmed till I shoot my cum.
  • Love a guy cupping my ass when kissing me
  • I want to experience 69ing and making each other cum in our mouths
  • I love being nude, so walking around letting it all hang loose in the house would be amazing
  • Bath or shower together either in or out of our fetishwear, sometimes wet leather can be so horny
  • lathering each others naked bodies up in the shower and kissing.
  • lying next to each other in bed naked and holding each other tightly.
  • Kinky play while in the car or public places
  • wearing kinky fetishwear under our clothes feeling so sexy.
Now to what turns me off.
  • Camp men who are very effeminate just turn me off big time, I love the butch type guy.
  • Crossdressers or Transvestites, i just don't understand them and are another big turn off.
  • Smokers
  • Guys who put on a strong front and are dominating
  • Bad body odour guys, I love the manscent of a guy but bad BO just turns my stomach everytime.
Now since I've shared my Turn ons and Turn off with you, please let me know what are yours and remember to subscribe to this BLOG as I will be posting quiet often on my experiences as an Irish gay fetishman.

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