Monday, 6 February 2012

Jockstrap adventures out on the hills

Sunday, most weeks I go hiking in the local hills but yesterday I awoke with a nice drippin horn on me and it felt so good, I decided I'd like to keep this drippin horn for as long as I could so I put on one of my favourite jockstraps, a red NYPD one.
Slipping on the Jockstrap made my cock twich with more excitment and feeling the the two straps wrap around my glutes and expose my lusting ass had me precumming already. I slipped on my hiking wear which today needed to be waterproof as it was already raining outside but having the jockstrap on underneath felt so kinky and horny, my solid erect precumming cock was telling me that also. I often wear Jockstraps while out hiking as I love the feeling of the wind and air around my ass crack and the feeling of exposure and kinkyness.
We got to our start location and my stiff cock was leaking nice precummy loads onroute and was turning me on so much more and once I started walking with my hiking boots on, wet gear, my mind went straight to my cock and the feeling my strong thighs are making as they rub off my sweating leaking cock which was snuggly packaged in the pouch of the jockstrap. God I was getting so horned at my little secret and being kinky. Stretching to get over rocky outcrops and wide stepping felt so good, my throbbing cock could talk to me at this stage. When we stopped for lunch I decided I would find a nice pointed rock to mount and feel pressing deep against my tight ass in the jockstrap and pleasure myself while perched on it. Overheating in my hiking geaar felt so good as all the sweat was running down my body and collecting in the waistband of my wet jockstrap mmmmm Man Sweat & precum felt so horny.
When I landed home after the hike, I was feelin still so horny and a bit tired so I decided to lay myself on my bed naked and placed my by now well sweat laden, precum and even some piss leakage cover red NYPD jockstrap over my face and smelled all the fusion of scents which got me so turned on, I got to work on my pulsing cock, every intake of scent bringing me closer to shooting my load, just when I felt ready to shoot I grabbed my jockstrap and placed it over my cock and shot my load full blasts into the mesh skin on the pouch, my cum tasted nicely sweet and when I had finished my shots, I mopped it all up with my jockstrap pouch and placed it over my lusting mouth and began licking and tasting my delicious array of tasting dinner which i devoured like a hungry pig. God this all felt so good and I think next weekend I will do exactly the same again, becoming my weekly diet of kink.

So if you're ever out on the hills and I happen to meet you, you can surely undress me with your lusting eyes and see the wet sweat laden and precummed cover jockstrap on me underneath. I will know by your smile from cheek to cheek of your kinky horny thoughts.

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