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Ballet Tights story

 My best friend Joe & I had Just finished enjoying a fantastic performance of “Swan Lake” by the Boston Ballet Company & were discussing it as we walked back to his car. Both of us were ballet fans from way back, but since Joe was somewhat older than me (mid-50s actually; but incredibly handsome & well built) his interest & knowledge went back a bit further than mine. Not only did we love the artistry & beauty of the dance, we also loved the men in their tights; and this was the topic of our conversation.

“Damn! Wasn’t that lead dancer just the most sexy, virile man you’ve ever seen?” Joe asked. “I’ve NEVER seen a bulge that HUGE on ANY man.” “I have..” I said “on YOU!”

“Aw Steve, you say the nicest things.” said Joe, leaning over to put his arm around my shoulder & kiss my cheek.

We had been best friends for years and only recently discovered that we’d developed some powerful romantic and erotic feelings for each other and became lovers over the past few months. We’d both discovered as well a shared fetish for ballet tights since our youth and would wear them almost any time or place that we could. We even wore them under our pants whenever we attended ballet performances instead of underwear. It was so erotic and sensual to feel the soft, snug lycra tights on our manhood as we sat in our seats watching all those beautiful, muscular dancers leaping about in their snug-fitting tights up on stage.

So engrossed in our conversation were we that neither one of us noticed the man in the overcoat who appeared suddenly in front of us on the sidewalk. “Oops! I’m so sorry...are you ok?” said Joe, who bumped into him. “I’m fine, thank harm done.” said the stranger, flashing a dazzling smile. It didn’t escape either one of us that he was quite handsome and pretty well put together.

“Did you gentlemen enjoy the ballet?” he asked, a curiously knowing look in his eyes. I spoke up first. “We most certainly did. It was definitely the best production of Swan Lake I’ve seen in awhile. The sets, the dancing, the costumes.” “Especially the costumes!” said Joe with a laugh & a sly wink at me. “Yes, I must agree with you there. I found that in this production, the male dancers’ costumes were so much more sensual and revealing of their anatomy than in previous productions...I quite liked that.”

Joe and I exchanged looks of astonishment that this perfect stranger would make such a bold observation that WE would have made. Feeling somewhat bold myself and more than a little excited, I said “You’re so right about that. I’ve always wished that the men’s costumes could show some more of their bodies, especially their baskets. And their asses too of course.” I added with a wicked grin.

Joe continued this line of talk by saying he figured it would be nice if it were possible for him to travel back to that time and that world of magic and sorcery and dress like the men in the ballet. “Really?’ said the stranger. Turning next to me he asked “And YOU young man. Do you wish that you too could wear the clothing of that time and place as well as travel back to that period in history?” “Oh god yes!” I said. “I wish all men of today dressed in tights like that. And I would definitely love to able to travel back in time so I could see and experience that period for myself.

Just then the man opened up his coat to reveal what appeared to be an ornately carved cane with a large white jewel on top. Removing it from the folds of his long coat he held it up in front of Joe and myself and said in a deep sensual voice “So you shall.” Suddenly, the jewel in the cane began to glow with a bluish colour, then came a low humming sound which gradually became louder and deeper, causing the very air to vibrate. Joe and I also noticed that we felt a vibration in our genitals as well which was not at all unpleasant, though unexpected. Just then came the sound of crackling and popping, like electricity arcing. This too became gradually louder until it was quite intense. Without warning, two bolts of lightning shot out of the jewel, striking Joe and me directly between our thighs. Instantly we both felt intense tingles of pleasure that quickly turned into pain (although it was still strangely pleasurable) that radiated from our genitals outwards to every square inch of our bodies.

Moments later everything around us began to dissolve into a sea of colour, light, sound and sensations. I felt myself becoming completely disoriented to the point where I couldn’t distinguish up from down or left from right. Our clothes began to disintegrate and for a brief moment we were completely nude; only to have completely different clothing appearing to take their place. Instead of black ties and suits we now both wore full-length tights, knee high leather boots and sleeveless leather tunics with lacing instead of buttons. These tunics we both noticed were quite short, coming to just above our hips so that our asses and packages were clearly visible. Just as suddenly as it began, the strange sounds, lights and sensations stopped and we found ourselves in a dark, foreboding place neither one of us recognized. My body was still tingly even after the force or energy...whatever it was...that brought us here had passed; especially my penis, which I observed had grown larger as a result of my being aroused. Quickly glancing over at Joe I noticed that he too was sporting a partial erection that was rapidly becoming fully realized. He caught my gaze and smiled. Looking around our strange new surroundings he asked “Where the hell ARE we? This is a forest...we were right in the middle of downtown and now we’re in the middle of NOWHERE!”

“I don’t know about you Joe.” I said, “But this place gives me the creeps”. “It is kinda dark and gloomy isn’t it? Almost...fairy tale-ish in a way.” he noted. “We really should get moving Steve, maybe there’s someone here who’ll help us get out of this place and back to civilization”. “Joe, I don’t think this is any old forest....this really DOES look like something out of a fairy tale.” “What, you mean like one of those ‘enchanted forests’?” asked Joe. “Yeah, I mean like one of those enchanted forests...complete with witches, wizards, dragons, goblins and all that stuff.” “You’re kidding me, right? Things like that just don’t exist Steve” “Joe, you just don’t get it. This isn’t some kind of prank, we actually ARE in some sort of fairy tale land and this really is an enchanted forest......wait a sec, is that a lake over there?”

Joe and I looked at each other. “No....way” we said simultaneously. Sure enough, as we moved to get a closer look, we could see that yes, in fact, it was a lake. A lake filled with many incredibly beautiful men swimming about...apparently nude.

“Oh my god! Do you SEE that?” asked Joe incredulously. “Yeah, I do.” I whispered in reply. We both realized with astonishment (and not a little bit of excitement) that the men weren’t actually nude, but were wearing semi-transparent skintight bodysuits that clung to every square inch of their muscular physiques as if it were their own flesh; and on their backs each had what appeared to be a pair of wings...not unlike those of a swan. “Swan lake.....we’re in ‘Swan Lake’ - the ballet; only it isn’t just a ballet now, it’s real!” “My god’re right. Somehow we’ve been brought here to this place, this lake. And better yet how the hell do we get back?”

“Well it was some kind of magic spell from that guy that we met in the street that got us here in the first place Joe. Remember how his cane shot this lightning at us and then everything went nuts? Well that’s probably the only way we’ll ever get out of here too.” I said.

After a short pause to take in the sight before us, Joe said “Man, those guys are HOT, aren’t they?” With a smile I turned to Joe and concurred with his observation. They were each painfully handsome, six feet tall with broad, muscular shoulders, slim waists with big powerful thighs and sturdy calves, topped off by round, taut buttocks....covered by the thinnest, sheerest tights ever worn by any man.

“They look like they’re trapped in that lake Steve. Maybe we should try to free them.” said Joe.

“Good idea, but how do we do that?” I asked. Suddenly there was a bright flash and a crossbow appeared in Joe’s hands along with a quiver of arrows slung over his shoulder.

“Ok.....I guess I’m supposed to use THIS somehow.” observed Joe. “Maybe it’s to help us free those man-swans in the lake. We’d better hurry before that Rothbart guy shows up.” I said.

“You’re right.” said Joe.

Slowly and carefully we both emerged from the bushes hiding us, then began to approach the men in the lake. At first they didn’t notice us, but then a couple of them did and alerted the others. Eventually all of them, twenty in all, turned to us and began a slow, cautious approach.

“Are you here to free us?” one of them asked. “Yes, we are.” said Joe, reaching out his hand to the questioner. No sooner had Joe’s hand touched the man-swan’s shoulder than there came a loud, booming sound like the crash of thunder. Just then, a bright and powerful bolt of lightning shot down from the sky and struck the ground only a few feet from where the three of us stood.

A great cloud of billowing smoke and blinding light caused us to cover our eyes briefly. When it cleared, there stood a tall, handsome and powerfully built middle-aged man in a skin-tight, see-through pair of tights, a short fitted jacket and knee-high boots. His package was huge and his voice deep and booming. It was the wizard....Rothbart.

“Who dares to free my swans?! He bellowed.

Pointing the crossbow at Rothbart, Joe shouted “We do, you evil wizard!” But before Joe can even pull the trigger, Rothbart clapped his hands twice and suddenly my entire body begins tingling and my arms are forced straight down to my sides while my legs are forced wide apart.

I notice that the same thing was happening to Joe.

Suddenly, we both rose several feet off the ground, our bodies still in a semi spread-eagled stance. Neither of us able to move even an inch; try as we might.

Rothbart comes close to us, our bulges almost level to his face. Reaching out, he softly and slowly caresses our packages, gently squeezing and pulling at our genitals through the extremely thin fabric covering them. The effect is instant and incredibly arousing. Joe and I both moaning softly as he runs his hands over the outlines of our penises and testicles, then down our legs, up again to our buttocks; his fingers lightly tracing the cracks of our asses, moving ever so slowly toward our holes, pressing his fingers softly but firmly against them.

We both shivered at the intense pleasure of his touch.

Moving over to Joe, he softly kisses his pulsing penis through his tights, causing a low, deep moan to escape his lips. He spends a few more minutes torturing Joe in this fashion, planting soft, wet kisses up and down the length of his shaft and his testicles all the while squeezing and caressing his muscular thighs. Then he comes over to me and does the same thing, causing a similar moan to emerge from my lips.

I feel myself being lowered back to the earth, every square inch of my body tingling once again as Rothbart worked his erotic magic spell on me. He presses his huge package against mine and I realize that he is fully aroused, just as I am. His massive erection rubs mine through our tights causing wave after tingling wave of pleasure to radiate from my groin to the rest of my body. He then turns me around and starts to fuck me through my tights; a hole magically appearing at my anus to facilitate this. Meanwhile, Joe is still suspended in midair; trapped by Rothbart’s powerful magic spell; watching everything that’s going on. His hot, throbbing penis enters me slowly and at first, painfully. Soon however, his powerful magic caused my sphincter to relax as mild tingles like electric shocks flowed into and through me. It felt like he was going to run me through with his manhood, but I didn’t care. I had never felt anything quite as intensely pleasurable as this...not even with Joe...and he was a FANTASTIC lover! Loud moans of pleasure began to issue from me as Rothbart thrust deeper and harder into me; low growling moans escaping his throat as his hot breath warmed the back of my neck. He was getting close to orgasm, his penis was pulsing and expanding in my anus with each thrust of his powerful buttocks and his vice-like arms closed tighter around me. It wouldn’t be long before the hunky sorcerer filled my hole with his hot magical cum.

All this time, Joe had been valiantly struggling to break free of the grasp of Rothbart’s powerful immobilization spell and had managed to move his hand enough to aim the crossbow at the wizard. With great difficulty, he managed to squeeze the trigger and fired off a shot.

A curious thing happened just then. As the arrow from the crossbow flew through the air, it changed into a small bolt of lightning which then struck Rothbart squarely on his taut, round buttocks, causing him to cry out lustily while jerking spasmodically just before stumbling a few steps backwards. The magical hold he had on Joe was broken, causing him to slowly float down to the ground. An apparent side effect of this magical arrow was to make Rothbart a slave to Joe’s every command; for as soon as Joe was safely back on earth, the wizard turned to him and said, “What is your bidding, my master?” Joe decides that we should continue where things left off so pulling down the front of his tights he tells Rothbart to continue fucking me while he proceeds to penetrate Rothbart’s anus with his cock. We go at this for quite a while, all of us becoming quite aroused and very close to cumming. Suddenly Joe pulls out of Rothbart and says, “I think it’s time you left us alone.” Without any argument, the wizard simply nods his head, snaps his fingers and in a flash of blinding light, he is gone.

“Let’s get down to business now, shall we?” says Joe with a wicked grin on his handsome face. “Yes,” I say, “Let’s!”

Soon Joe is penetrating me, his rock hard penis throbbing, feeling like it will run me straight through..much like the sensation I experienced with Rothbart earlier. He pumps hard and fast into me, panting and moaning like a man possessed. All the erotic spells cast on us made us both extremely horny so we fucked for quite a long time. After several intense and satisfying orgasms we stopped to catch our breaths. We also noticed that the wizard wasn’t the only one to leave us alone...all of the man-swans were gone as well.

“Gee Joe, I guess freeing those swans wasn’t the key to getting back home from this place after all.” “Great! NOW what do we do?” asked Joe. “Well,” I ventured, “Since a magic spell is what brought us here in the first place, maybe that’s what we need to send us back.”

“So....we wait for someone to come along and zap us back to our world? THAT’S your bright idea?” “You got a better one?” I asked.

“No, not really” muttered Joe. “Well, let’s see....we got zapped and worked over by a wizard...maybe it’s time for a witch to show up.”

“God I hope NOT!” I said disgustedly.

We walked for a bit through the thick forest, hoping no wizards or witches would come our way, having had enough of being zapped and enchanted by everyone we met. “Damn, it’s getting really foggy all of a sudden isn’t it?” said Joe. “Yeah...I’m not liking this very much.” I said.

“Hey Steve, what’s that over there?” “I’m not sure kinda looks like rags or something hanging off of a branch.” I said.

“ looks more like a cloak......or a...dress!”

“You don’t think some witch left it there do you?” asked Joe.

“Great!” I said. “Just what we need....a naked witch running around!”

“A naked, horny witch!” joked Joe, grinning ear to ear. “Maybe she’ll try to give us gum jobs!” “EWWW Gross!” I said, making a face. We both began to laugh at the idea of a witch doing something like that to us and were so busy at it that we didn’t notice that the “rags” slowly lifted themselves off of the tree branch they hung from and began to float silently toward us over the thick, low mist. As it came closer, two small feet protruded from the bottom of the cloak, while two hands emerged from the sleeves. An old woman’s head poked out from the neck, her face hideous and wrinkled, with a huge wart on the end of her nose.

A typical witch.

Slowly and quietly she continued to approach us, floating menacingly just over the mist. Joe was first to see her. “Holy Shit!” he shouted.

“What?!” I asked, following the direction of Joe’s pointing finger.

“She’s coming right for us, Joe! Run!” I shouted. So we both turned and started running away from her. But no matter how fast we ran, she was still right behind us, cackling loudly and wickedly with an evil smile on her hideous face.

All of a sudden there was the sound of crackling and popping, like electricity arcing. The air was filled with the scent of ozone and then a powerful jolt of energy hit me from behind, almost like a blow from a fist, right between my ass cheeks. I could feel intense tingles in my anus, tingles that began to spread out all over my body. All my muscles went stiff and I found myself barely able to move. With great difficulty, I managed to look over at Joe saw that the same thing was happening to him. Like me, he stood spread-eagled, his body jerking in spasms as a bright bolt of blue-white magic lightning jolted his taut, manly ass with tremendous power. Joe then slowly began to rise off the ground, as did I. The witch continued to zap us with her magic spell that caused tingly electric shocks all through our bodies. The sensations were quite pleasant and soon my penis began stiffening in my tights, as did Joe’s.

Slowly we began to spin in midair until both of us were facing the witch who by this time had lowered herself to the ground...still zapping us with powerful magic lightning bolts, but this time between our legs.

Looking over again at Joe, I noticed he was fully erect to his magnificent eight inches and, like me, his rock-hard penis was oozing pre-cum, causing a noticeable spot of wetness in the front of his tights.

“Ah! What LOVELY specimens you both are!” said the witch in a shrill voice. “You’ll both do just fine!”

“What do you want with us?” I asked, my voice husky from all the erotic stimulation her spell was causing me.

“I need your MANLY essence to sustain me, young Prince.” answered the witch. “He’s not a Prince....neither one of us is.” said Joe, his voice also husky with desire induced by the powerful spell he was under.

“No matter” said the witch, “You are both strong, virile men and I’ll get what I need from you.” With that pronouncement the power of her spell increased considerably, causing even more intense shocks of tingly pleasure to jolt and flow through our helpless, twitching bodies.

“Leave us alone you ugly old HAG!!” shouted Joe.

“Bad idea.” I thought to myself.

As soon as the witch heard this her face darkened and she shrieked: “You DARE to mock me?! Suffer my wrath you impudent FOOLS!”

Immediately the magic lightning darting from her fingertips changed colour from blue-white to a brilliant red and crackled even more intensely and menacingly.

A burning, searing pain then pummelled my genitals and quickly spread to every inch of my body, causing me to cry out in agony. I’d never felt pain this brutal before and it almost brought me to tears. In the corner of my eye I could see Joe twitching violently as the pain ripped through his body and I heard him howling in agony.

After what felt like an eternity of excruciating torture the witch decided that we’d had enough and stopped zapping us, but kept us suspended in midair. Wisps of smoke slowly rose from our pain-ravaged bulges. “Now that you’ve learnt some respect, it’s time to extract your essence!” said the witch. Another pair of magical bolts darted from her gnarled fingers and made contact with our packages, causing low moans of pleasure to escape our lips. This time we began to move slowly towards her and closer to the ground. Wonderful warm tingles of electricity flowed into my penis, testicles and groin as I drew closer to the witch.

Soon both Joe and I were standing on solid ground, legs apart, arms at our sides, fully erect and completely under the witch’s erotic spell.

First she came to me, cupping my testicles in her hands and causing the most incredible surge of pleasure to flow between my legs. It was like being touched by a live wire. Slowly she ran her hand along the length of my throbbing shaft while softly caressing my thighs and ass cheeks with her other hand; tiny tendrils of energy dancing over the paper-thin fabric of my tights. Her bony and twisted fingers continued to move down the length of my legs, first the left then the right, causing tingly shocks to flow through them, like pins and needles.

Eventually my entire lower body was covered with dancing sparks of magical energy as the tingles became more intense. I moaned lustily.

“Uuuuuhhh.....Oh God...please....stop...don’t...”

Then, just like that, they stopped. Looking down at myself, I noticed that my tights had disappeared and I was naked from the waist down, except for my boots. My penis was almost painfully rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. Now the witch was standing in front of Joe and she began to cast the same erotic spell on him. I watched transfixed as she cupped and fondled his large full, round testicles, ran her hand up and down the length of his tights-covered and pulsing penis, then moved to his buttocks, squeezing and caressing them before slowly running her hands down the back and then up the front of his powerful muscular thighs, all the while tantalizing him with gentle shocks of magic lightning, the way she did with me. “Uuuuuuuuugghhh, ooh fuuuuuck!!!” I heard Joe moan and watched as he shook his head from side to side while the erotic sensations jolted and flowed into him. Sure enough, his legs were encased in a cocoon of pulsing magic lighting that caused his tights to disappear as well, exposing his thick, pulsing penis that thrust straight out in front of him. The witch then clapped her hands twice, causing both of us to one again rise of the ground so that our cocks were level with her face. Moving towards Joe, she wrapped her lips around his penis and began sucking on it while her hands grabbed his ass and testicles.


Joe let out a long and loud lusty moan, totally helpless and unable to resist, he had no choice but to endure the erotic pleasure this grotesque creature was bestowing upon him. As she sucked his cock, taking it deep into her throat, her hands grasped at his big, low-hanging balls and gently but firmly pulled on them while the index finger of her other hand traced the line of the crack of his ass from his lower back down to his anus, where she pressed her finger firmly against his hole without entering it. Crackling electricity and ozone filled the air as her erotic magic energy flowed from her mouth and hands into Joe’s erogenous zones, driving him wild. He tossed his head back and bellowed in pleasure. “AAAUUUUUUUHHHHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Just listening to him grunt and groan like an animal was really turning me on; and as gross as this witch was, I was half eagerly awaiting my turn to be pleasured as I was dreading it.

Soon, the moment arrived when Joe had to surrender his manly juices to the witch’s hungry mouth, moaning loudly and jerking violently with each ejaculation of his cum-filled balls. “AHHHHHH!! UUUUUUHHH!! OOH FUUUCCCKK!! OH GOD!!! UUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

After ensuring that she had extracted every last drop of his “essence”, the witch then turned her attention to me.

Totally paralysed by her spell, I could do nothing but watch as she took my engorged penis into her still hungry mouth, her lips encircling my glans and her tongue beginning to slither up and down the length of my throbbing shaft, sending electric tingles deep into my groin and causing me to moan as Joe had done earlier.

With one hand grasping my balls and the other fondling my ass, she began to work me over, sending one powerful jolt of electricity after another into my genitals, arousing me like I had never been before.

Interestingly enough, although the shocks hurt like hell, they were extremely pleasant too, and very quickly I began to feel the familiar sensation building up at the base of my penile shaft. No matter how hard I tried to resist her, this ugly old witch was going to make me cum buckets any second whether I liked it or not.

Suddenly, she stopped caressing my buttocks with her hand and forcefully jammed her index finger into my tingling and twitching anus.

I heard and felt a loud crackling sound and one final and incredibly painful/delightful jolt shot right through me and with a loud lusty moan...not unlike Joe’s earlier....I began spurting hot, thick cum from my pulsing cock. “UUUUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!”

I screamed as powerful magical shocks ripped through my body. Helplessly I twitched and jerked in spasms as the witch coaxed load after load of my semen into her hot, wet mouth. Even when I thought I would stop, I kept on cumming. What an incredible feeling!

Finally, after what seemed like hours, my orgasm stopped.

After she’d made sure I had no more cum left, the witch released me from her magical and allowed me to slowly float back down to the ground. Through my erotic daze, I noticed she did the same to Joe.

“Thank you for the gift of your essence, good sirs.” she said in her croaking voice, “Now you shall be returned from whence you came.”

Clapping her hands three times, she cast one final spell on us.

Just as we did hours earlier, Joe and I found ourselves enveloped in a blinding, crackling light that caused intense tingles of pleasure over our entire bodies and we were twisting, tumbling head over heels till we found ourselves lying on the ground right in front of Joe’s car. Our tights had been returned to us so at least we weren’t half-naked, but our original clothes were nowhere to be seen.

“Joe, are you ok?” I asked. “Yeah...I am, how about you?” he responded.

we helped each other get to our feet and got into the car, still feeling a bit groggy from our experience and both wondering aloud if the whole thing had been a dream.

“All I can say is....if it WAS, it was the BEST damn dream a guy could ever have!” I said to Joe, smiling. “Amen!” he said with a wicked grin.

“You know honey, I think that witch’s spell is still working on me....I’m feeling incredibly horny and I can’t wait to get you home and fuck your brains out.”
“Well” I said, “what the hell are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

We made it home in ten minutes flat.

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