Thursday, 19 January 2012

My fetish path

Lots of things have been happening in my life recently with regards my fetish side and now I believe its led me on my true path in life. The internet is such a powerful tool and yes I guess I'm an addict to it at the moment but thankfully its led me to connecting to so many amazing guys worldwide that all understand and relate to what living the life of a fetishman is all about. I strive to aquire more and more knowledge as to where I want my path in life to take me but recently I realised that this is not the best method on how to get all that knowledge. Just by meeting similar souls in life either on the internet or in real life can be such a powerful opening tool to release the amazing energy trapped inside a fetishman.
Like that first moment we put on those amazing tight fitting leather jeans, you feel the surge of crazy energy pulse through your body stronger than any other addiction a guy can have, for me it was taking that first step of purchasing my leather jeans in a small leather shop in Dublin where I worked many years ago. The salesman saw me walking in anxiously and asked if he can help me, I said in a very stronger shaky voice that I was there to see what leather jeans he has and could I try them on. He smiled and asked what size I was, and handed me a pair of the softest lamb leather jeans I've ever felt and showed me the fitting room. This is where I opened Pandoras box forever, my life changed from that moment and not in a bad way just in a more evolutionary way. The salesman knew by the way I stood infront of the mirror in his shop that I was transforming into a Fetishman and that my destiny in life was to explore my fetish side and enjoy every opportunity as it arises to be deeply immersed in my fetishworld.
My fetishes are what make me, and they contain a power so immense that I still can't understand, It makes me melt at the sight of a sexy guy clad in leather or any of my other fetishes, I crave being held in the arms of a guy who totally understands every step I take in my fetish life, loves me for who I am, and just walks with me in exploring this amazing life. Maybe now that I have been blessed to have met a man, a hero, a prince in shining leather that my life moves onto stage two and I start living a life that I've dreamed and fantasised about forever. Destiny is a very strange complex thing, but if you don't fight the flow and just go with it, life can be so much easier to enjoy. I truly am blessed to have met "the ONE" whom with all my deep fetish heart love to pieces and want to be with every second of my time.
I love all fetishmen and their fetishes, I understand ye very well and I live in the world full of exciting opportunities. I feel so honoured to know my fetish friends and now I'm ready for this next chapter in my life to begin..................

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