Friday, 23 December 2011

Daddy's Christmas Present for Steve

Steve never looked forward to coming for the holiday break, but his family always expected him to be there for Christmas. Since moving away to college Steve had gained such a sense of liberty and freedom, and it was hard to give that up when under the roof of his parents. Steve had just acknowledged that he was gay, and he feared that under the rigid standards his parents set up they would never accept him if they knew. Regardless Steve packed his bags and headed home for the holidays.

The constant nagging of Steve's mother was too much for him to handle, and Steve found himself returning to the gym he had frequented when he was in high school to escape his mom. Since taking an interest in working out back in high school, Steve had built his body to become quite impressive. His bulging muscles combined with those boyish good looks, short brown hair, and cute dimples to create the dream boy. Steve's body was like one of those sculptures of a Greek god, and by far his most impressive feature was his gigantic bubble butt. The two meaty globes were like to buttery stacks of pancakes waiting for someone to plough right in.

Steve returned home from the gym one night to find that the place was deserted. Steve was wrong though as he passed by the living room to find his dad watching the TV.

"Where is everyone?" asked Steve

"Oh, Hey, they all went out to get in some last minute shopping." replied his dad.

Steve just stared at his dad. He was actually quite attractive, a lot like Steve in some ways. In fact, if you look at pictures of Steve's dad from back in the day, it might be hard to distinguish the two. Steve was still amazed that after years of marriage to his bitchy mom he hadn't drunk himself into a fat slob.

"I'm going to take a shower," said Steve

"Alright." said his dad

Steve walked into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes. All that time he had spent at the gym away from his family had really toned his muscles. Steve's hot buns bobbled as he walked over to turn on the shower. He decided he would let the water warm up a little before he hopped in, and decided to jack off. Slowly Steve started to fondle his prick. He didn't have to longest dick only about 5 inches, but it was thick as hell, nearly a soda can in circumference. His balls hung like two Christmas tree ornaments, only covered in a dense cluster of dark pubes. Steve went to gusto jacking off with pictures of the hot boys he had left back in college dancing through his head. His left hand moved and he started to finger his ass.

The actions resulted in some low moans and grunts on Steve's behalf, and he was needless to say startled when the door to the bathroom opened. Steve looked up to see his father standing in the doorway.

"Oh...Uh, sorry son, I had to use the bathroom and I thought you would already be in the shower." said his dad

"Uh, Right I should be starting my shower right about now," replied Steve as he blushed and turned to get behind the shower curtain.

Steve stepped under the shower still half erect, as he heard the zipper of his dad's pants unzip. The toilet was positioned in direct view of the shower, and Steve was half tempted to take a peek. He pulled back the curtain a little bit just enough to take a peek. His eye's fixed on his father's dick and his ass. It was like looking at a mirror, and Steve now saw what he would look like in 25 years. Steve started to turn to look away when his eyes met his father's eyes. His dad realizing that Steve had been taking a peek at him got a sly smile over his face. He turned around to face Steve, with his pants still down.

"I see you've caught me in the buff Steve," said his dad. "But, normally a boy peeks at his naked dad at a much younger age. Don't worry my boy I guess you didn't get that opportunity since we didn't bond as much as I would have liked when you were younger."

All Steve could do was blush, luckily he was still behind the shower curtain and his dad couldn't see his hard on. Steve's dad stripped off his pants all the way, and moved over to the shower, pulling back the curtain, and taking a look at his son.

"Like father like son." he said as he grabbed Steve’s dick, which was identical to his own.

He stripped off his shirt and hopped in the shower with Steve. "Lather me up boy," said his father.

Steve obeyed and spent the next couple of minutes washing his dad's body.

His dad was incredibly turned on by this point, and he pinned Steve up against the side of the shower, and planted his lips on Steve's. The kiss sent shivers down Steve's spine, as his dad's tongue wrestled with his hot son’s. The two swapped spit in the hottest make out session Steve had ever been involved with for what seemed like hours, until Steve's dad withdrew, and whispered in Steve's ear.

"I didn't tell you this enough when you were growing up, but I love you son."

"I love you too dad." said Steve on the verge of tears.

Steve's dad turned off the shower, and grabbed Steve's hand. Steve followed his dad to Steve's bedroom, sitting down with Steve on his bed.

"I want to get to know the son I never knew." said his Dad as he gazed into Steve's eyes.

Steve leaned in and kissed his dad, wrapping his arms around his father's back. His dad laid him down while still in a lip lock with Steve, and straddled Steve's naked body. His hands moved to Steve's cock where he began to play with the thick, throbbing man piece. Both of their cocks were standing at full attention. Kissing all the way from Steve's lips, down over his chest and thight abs his lips landed on the head of Steve's penis. Steve was in pure ecstasy.

"Suck me harder!" yelled Steve barely able to breath.

His dad fastened his pace engulfing Steve's cock which was quite a feat considering how thick it was. Steve's jizz spewed into his father's mouth. Steve must have ejaculated three times in his father's mouth; his dad being the duteous servant he was swallowed all of Steve's cum. Steve's dad then removed his lips from Steve's cock. He knelt down and buried his face in Steve's buttocks. He took in all the heavenly scent of the sweaty ass crack, and then started licking the crevice like it was a melting ice cream cone. Steve wanted more, and turned over so his dad could have better access.

His dad stiffened his tongue and slowly entered Steve's asshole. In and out he pushed with Steve on the brink of going insane. This was the best sex he had ever had. Steve got on his hands and knees, while his dad who had lubricated his ass like no one else could, inserted his thick assed cock. A sharp pain emanated in Steve's ass but it was soon replaced with the most joyful sensation. Steve tightened his sphincter as his father plowed his ass. His dad's huge balls banged against Steve as he moved in and out.

"Oh...uh...Faster!" shouted Steve to his dad who obeyed.

In and out, in and out, he was humping Steve's ass as fast as he could. He massaged Steve's wondrous globes, occasionally smacking his son's ass. Steve felt his dad's cock stiffen and in a matter of seconds his dad had shot his huge load in Steve's hot ass. Steve was exhausted and he lay down with his dad's huge load of cum leaking from his anus. His dad laid down next to him and gave his a kiss.

"Did you like that?" asked his dad.

"I loved it!" replied Steve.

"Merry Christmas son, I hope you enjoyed your present." his dad added proudly.

They laid naked in an embrace exploring each other's bodies for the next few hours, and all Steve could think about was what his birthday present would be.

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