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Irelands ONLY Gay Fetish night- R.U.L.E.

On Sunday 30th October 2011,  a new venue The Turks Head in the Basement opened its doors to 126 Gay fetishmen in the heart of Dublin City and by all accounts a very enjoyable relaxed night was had by all present.

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The following are some individual Feedback Comments and reviews on the night.

Fair play to ye all
It was a great night
Only down side was having to use same toilets as the night club otherwise it was a good venue
Btw I'd rather have to share the loos than have no where to meet
Thanks for finding and organising the venue last night, great location. Personally - found the hard music too loud to talk through, maybe next time if you had music in adjoining room - that would be needed to accomodate any much greater numbers and would avoid "cross contamination" from other parties - though going out in leather etc isnt something guys are are hiding -if anything most guys were underdressed in the halloween context, nice mix of guys.
Bar ran out of change, cloakroom was wet and chaotic - guy i met had lost his ticket, i got fed up waiting for him to resolve that and left without him. As you know, at many venues guys will write a number on arm of participant...that or take name of guys leaving-in gear as fallback in case of lost ticket...maybe like in Boilerhouse - sign in /sign out your bag.
Otherwise well done and thanks again and looking forward to next time.
Cheers for putting in the work for last night, it was a good party, i enjoyed it. Really goood fun. Great meeting up and catching up with everyone.
In terms of feedback, heres mine:
- I think the venue is good, nice basement cavernous feel to the place, the bar worked well
- Obviously would be nice if we could have the downstairs to ourselves, some guys may be put off by the mixed jacks and outside smokin on the street but not much you can do about that
- Think the cloak room probably needs to be organised a bit better, gar and lucas had a lot of work keepin things organised, staff kept coming in with stuff and clogging up the room. The cubby holes are ideal for bags, but need better hangers and a rail for jackets.
- Id say have someone taking pix at the next one. This i think would help an awful lot in getting more guys to come because i think a lot of them have a perception of what they think it is like, pictures can change that perception.
- Perhaps look for 1 or 2 more volunteers for the cloakroom as gar and lucas spent most of the night in there. I dont mind doing a stint the next nite.
first off let me say Thanks for Getting rule up and running again we will continue to support you and the events in anyway we can.
It was fantastic to meet up with all the lads again at a rule night, we don't want to be appear to be complaining but we where concerned about several issues regards the venue and arrangements for the evening.
The location was good a bit small but the venue had several logistical problems. We where concerned as like others, we where at a fetish event which was shared with another function [not in the same space]. The Bathrooms where also shared and there did not appear to be any changing facilities,we thought the music was way to loud from both side. and myself wearing a hearing aid couldn't put up with it much longer.
We appreciate your efforts in organizing these events and thank you kindly, but we thought we would just point out or thoughts as we feel they will give you feedback to help you improve the nights.
if there is any way we can help you and the others out please feel free to ask.
oh ps you looked Awesome in your leathers
Just to say, had an absolutely great night last night. Well done on the night for everyone who was involved. And Lukasz in cloakroom, was an eye candy. I would put him behind the bar though :P
Hope you get a great feedback on the night and that Turks Head is also pleased.
I was absolutely undisturbed by the mixed crowd.
See you next time
That was a great night last night. Thanks for the tips. Meeting 2 leather tops later :0)

Hey Guys
Thanks for everyone for making the effort in coming along to the 1st RULE night in the Turks Head. It was great to see you all come out in force, wearing/changing in to your gear. Your support is much appreciated in helping us get this event off the ground.
Apologies from myself and the rest of the guys involved in Rule on the cloakroom chaos. The safety and protection of your belonging's is very important to us. Having a well organised cloakroom on a fetish night is vitally important. Especially when you pay 2 euro for the use of it and get given a ticket, you expect your belongings back at the end of the night, when returning your ticket without any delays. There was alot of confusion on the 1st night, which wasn't good for you to have to experience. Without going into detail's, we are fully aware of what prevented the problems causing mix up's and delays, which myself (Gar) and Lukazs where powerless from happening when on cloakroom duty, due to circumstances with the venue and it's staff. It's one of them 1st night issue's , like with the shared toliets and loud music that we learn from and will prepare us for future events.
Rest assure there will be big improvements made for the next night on the 27th, when we will discuss the matter with the Turk's Head venue in advance, to prevent any of them problems we had on the 1st night, happening again.
Please keep the feedback coming as your opinions and experience is very important to us. We need to work together here as a team to help keep, improve and make the gay fetish scene here in Dublin bigger and more established.
Best Regards
Big thank you to everyone, who showed up on Sunday. The night showed that there’s still strong interest in fetish :-) which is a good thing.
I personally had a great time, even though we were sharing the cloakroom duties with Gar. Again apologies for any delays in getting the clothes back. Next time will be better.
I was again surprised how friendly and relaxed everyone was, no attitude and no bullshit, it was great to chat to so many new people. As the most important thing is to enjoy the night out in your gear and have a bit of fun.
To summarise RULE is Great craic, great atmosphere, good music and loads of hotties… especially on the dance floor.
See you next time on November 27th,
Hi all,
Adding my thanks to Karl & Co. for putting together another great night!
I didn't notice any issues with the cloakroom, but that's probably coz i was too busy having great fun :)
The venue is great, and music was good too. I think the main issues have all been mentioned above but since we've been told to make comments even if it's a repetition, here you go!
I personally didn't care much about the toilets, but I did get some odd looks, I guess from people coming from upstairs - this may put off newcomers.
What I enjoyed most in McGrattans was the social side of the event. The club feel in Turks Head was great but it's worth trying to organise the venue so that there's an area where music is less loud and people can relax (sit?) and have a chat. I hear we might get the other part of the basement next time - maybe that offers this possibility?
Thanks again to all involved, I very much look forward to 27 Nov!
Having such great feedback is very important in the running of a night like this and from the amount aboveof reaction and feedback it looks like the Fetish nights are in good hands with the Current Committee.

So if you're planning a trip or short break away, why not consider Dublin and the RULE nights as a great way to support and make friends in the Irish fetish scene which thankfully is growing stronger.

The following is a response from the runnung committee as regards any issues listed above and shows that they indeed have taken them all into consideration.


Couple of things to make you aware of.
1: Developments on the new RULE night.
2: Details of the next Dublin Alternative Market.
3: Gear for Sale, Swap or Wanted.
4: Membership of the RULE_Ireland Club.

1: Developments on the new RULE night.
We had a meeting with the management of the Turk's Head and got confirmation of the following from them for the next three RULE nights there. We had 126 guys at the club last Sunday October 30th 2011, then there were also the 6 of us involved in making the night happen... Sean on the door, Gar and Lukasz in the cloakroom, Clem and Frank as club promotors and dealing with the Turk's Head, and myself ????. It's nice that people keep thanking me, but it is a group effort and everyone deserves the recognition for all the work they do on it.

Future Dates:
The following dates have been agreed:
Sunday 27th NOVEMBER
Sunday 8th JANUARY
Sunday 29th JANUARY
All going well, continuing there after on the last Sunday of each month. We will have posters and flyers in the next few days. Maybe some of you would consider adding one to your profile to help promote the event? You might also mention it to friends and guys online when you are chatting. We know some of the popular sites restrict the use of flyers for events which are not run by the sites themselves. There will be a range of themes to chose from and you should find something to suit every taste :-)

The Space:
The Club space moves into the ‘self contained’ Club next to the one we used last Sunday. The ‘Changing Area’ and ‘Cloakroom’ will be in the area we used for the Club night last time.

The space we used last Sunday will become a quieter space for chatting, we can't totally eliminate the spillover of music from the new space, but it won't be nearly as loud as it was on Sunday. It will also serve as the changing area and cloakroom.

Drinks Promotion:
There will be a review of the Drinks Promotion – to reflect the ‘Draught Beer’ sales of last Sunday. Details to be announced.

The Cloakroom:
We will get stronger hangers. We will review the ticket number system and see if we can come up with some additional method to overcome the lost ticket experience we had on Sunday last.
2: Details of the next Dublin Alternative Market.
Dublins' Alternative Market will take place in the Ripley Court Hotel at 37 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, from 12-5pm, this Saturday 5th November. The market features a wide variety of stalls, selling all kinds of fetish, burlesque and alternative bargains. Stalls will feature bondage equipment, books, clothes, shoes, floggers, canes, paddles, and much more! Stalls cost €20 to vend, to cover rental, and entry is free for browsers.
3: Gear for Sale, Swap or Wanted.
A new thread has been started in the club forum here for anyone wanting to Sell, Swap or Find gear they are looking for. There is a guide and how to post stuff on the thread, please try to use it so the postings are more useful to members browsing through them.
4: Membership of the RULE_Ireland Club.
Since Sunday our membership here on RULE_Ireland has jumped from 243 to 261. That is the largest ever jump in such a short timescale since the club was set up. By the way, welcome to all the new members. 
If you're interested in Joining the RULE_Ireland group on GayRomeo, please click the following link
To Join RULE_Ireland Click Here

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