Monday, 17 October 2011

Sexual Adventures of Steve BLUF - Part 9

Steve nuzzled his nose into the man's hairy cheek. He nibbled on the man's thick lips. After twelve years of sex with men, he finally found one who satisfied his needs. He's had plenty of good sex, even great sex. But he had always felt disappointed afterward. Somehow, the intensity was lacking. He had resorted to anonymous sex while blindfolded to amp up the intensity. It was hit or miss, though. Most men simply were not capable of satisfying him. This god was an exception.

"I think it's time to remove your blindfold. Keep your eyes closed till you adjust to the light and then open them slowly." The man untied his blindfold. Light poured through Steve's translucent lids. He turned his head down and away from the lamp. Slowly he opened his eyes. A dark, blurry form gradually became more defined. He saw a broad chest with two round hills covered in a forest of brown, curly stalks. On the peaks of the hills rose short, rounded towers of dark flesh. A tanned hand, massive enough to crush his head, lifted his face till he looked upon the visage of his god.

"Mr. Gallagher!" Steve exclaimed. His blue eyes, round with shock, met the man's hazel eyes.

"Hello, Steve."

"I can't believe this. How, I mean, when did you, I can't fucking believe this!" Steve stared at his physical ed teacher from high school, not sure if he was trapped in one of his many fantasies centered around this very same man. "I thought you were straight, Mr. Gallagher."

"Call me Mike," the man said stroking the fine hair on Steve's cheek. "I thought I was straight until you woke the gay man inside. I noticed all those times you would stare at me, how you would run to sit right in front of me when I'd call roll. I could almost feel your eyes stripping me naked. To my surprise, I was flattered. That was all I felt at the time though. You were only a kid, after all. But then your body filled out and grew hair. You were becoming a man. And I, well, I started checking you out. My feelings toward you were incoherant and then you left for college." Mike shrugged. "I found myself looking at other men. Then I started visiting gay porn sites on the Internet. After a couple of years, I mustered up the courage to meet up with another married man who was going through the same thing I was."

Mike continued caressing Steve's cheek. Steve nuzzled Mike's hand and listened quietly.

"He and I did many things together. We started meeting up sporadically and then regularly, about two sometimes three times a week. We were more into each other than our wives. After a year, we divorced our wives and moved in together. We weren't a couple exactly. We had sex with each other and with other men. I quit my job and we opened a car dealership together. A couple of years ago, I decided to get my own place. He was getting tired of just having sex. He wanted a relationship, a quiet relationship. That wasn't what I wanted. I was still exploring all the wonders of gay sex. I didn't want to settle down.

Well, about five months ago, I started going to the dance club. It was wild and the sex was great. I went every week. I was fucking a twink when I saw you dancing with a blindfold. Men came up to you and did all sorts of things to you. I got excited and tossed the twink aside. I came up to you and shoved a few guys away. And I recognized you. Suddenly, I felt like a teenager, all nervous. I don't know why, but I was so nervous I couldn't touch you. I went home that night miserable. I jerked off four times thinking of you."

Continued Tommorrow

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