Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sexual Adventures of Steve BLUF - Part 4

Steve fell to his knees and lavished kisses on the phallus. He fondled the balls with both hands. The scrotum was covered with wiry hair. The balls hung low and heavy like wrecking balls. These too belonged to a god. His lips and tongue worshiped his god's loins, slathering his desperate drool. His mounting desperation drove him to transfix himself on the phallus, forcing himself to yield his throat to the prodigious mushroom head. He didn't care that he gagged, that his face was flushed, or even that saliva and mucus spurted from his overstretched lips. Such loins were not a regular occurrence. He was determined to enjoy it to the fullest.

The man reached down and pulled Steve to his feet. It seemed to him that only seconds had passed instead of the actual minutes. He wanted to keep on sucking, but he yielded to the god. The man turned Steve around and shoved him against the wall. Steve crashed into the wall with his palms first and then with his chest and face. He whimpered as the man pressed himself into Steve's backside, the underside of the shaft wedging into his crack. The man slid his cock up and down Steve's ass, letting him feel the full size of it. Steve moaned and jiggled his ass, pleading without words to be fucked.

The man licked Steve's ear and blew his hot breath on it. "I'm gonna fuck you, cub. No condom. I want you to feel my dick. I want you to feel the fat head scraping the lining of your ass. I want you to feel the bulging veins. And then I want you to feel it throb and feel my cum fill you. I'm gonna breed you, cub, and turn you into a real man, a real bear." Steve could only moan louder and jiggle his ass harder. He had no concern for safety. There was only the need.

The man kissed Steve's ear and neck and caressed his ass tenderly. Steve's desperation knew no bounds. He wanted the phallus in him, but it was at the wrong angle. All he could do was moan louder and grind his anus against the hard ridge of the urethra. The man took pity on him and held the head of his cock against Steve's rosebud. Steve thrust his ass back and skewered himself. He screamed as the wide head rammed through his sphincter and rectum. His anal lining felt like a balloon filled almost to bursting. The man exclaimed, "God damn!"

Continued Tomorrow

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