Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sexual Adventures of Steve BLUF - Part 3

Steve was feeling lightheaded and overwhelmed. The man kissed him incessantly. The long, thin penis fucking his ass and the wet mouth sucking his cock became insubstantial. Only the hands on his cheeks, the lips brushing his lips, and the tongue fucking his mouth were real. They aroused him like nothing had ever done before. Steve teetered on his tiptoes, feeling as though he would swoon. He gripped the man's forearms desperately, seeking support. Steve could feel the firm bands of muscle beneath the hair and skin. Steve moaned as he struggled to breathe. He felt his legs tremble and buckle. The man swooped his arms down and bear hugged him, keeping him upright. The man's burly chest and brawny arms crushed him, though not painfully. A mat of hair, curly and slightly coarse, penetrated through Steve's breastplate of fine fur. The additional tactile stimulation was too much for Steve. He threw his arms around the man's neck, and, moaning breathlessly into the man's devouring now, bucked his hips madly as his cock hosed the man kneeling between his legs with a flood of vibrant semen. The kneeling man, overcome by the deluge, backed away and accepted the load on his face. The penis in Steve's anus throbbed briefly and then withdrew.

Steve's legs were useless, as though they were made of only flesh and tendons, the bones missing. The hands roamed down his back and cradled his buttocks, pulling him in until his wet cock pressed into the man's leather bulge. Steve could feel leather chaps against his bare hips. The man toned down his kisses, his lips soft and yielding, his tongue a gentle masseur to Steve's battered tongue. Able to breathe now, Steve returned the man's kisses eagerly. Steve explored the man's face with his fingers. It was remarkably like his own, square jawed, round cheeks, a strong chin, hair thick and a bit coarser. The skin was more weathered, more wrinkled. He was an older man, Steve reasoned. He ran his fingers through the man's crown and encountered a forest of soft hair. He dropped his hands to the shoulders and felt a firm mass of flesh. The man moved his crotch against Steve's exposed loins. The man's crotch felt dense, barely contained.

For several minutes they swayed together like this. No one tried to intrude. Still kissing, the man took a short step back and guided Steve's hands to his bulge. The man returned to caressing Steve's face. Steve fondled the man's crotch, a mound of flesh trapped in a leather pouch. He could feel the man's naked inner thighs. He brushed his hands along the leather chaps around to the ass. He had expected to feel leather covering the man's ass but was pleasantly surprised to discover naked, hairy ass cheeks. Even here the man was similar to Steve. The buttocks were firm and round and covered with hair. Steve rubbed his hands up and down those cheeks, marveling at the hot flesh. He moved his hands toward the crevice and found a leather strap. He traced the strap from the waist and down the crevice to the perineum. Steve grew excited as he envisioned this hairy bear wearing a leather thong and chaps.

Like a child with a wrapped present, Steve yearned to discover the contents of the leather pouch. He stuck his thumbs around the waist strap and was about to push it down when the man gripped his hands. The man moved his hands to the front where Steve felt three metal studs which attached the pouch to the waist strap. Steve forcefully unsnapped each stud, letting the pouch fall. He clasped a hand around the base of the cock, free now to stand fully erect. The thick shaft curved upwards, the ridge on the underside prominent. Steve could just barely get his middle finger and thumb to meet around the shaft. He added his other hand around the shaft to measure it. It was long. The ring of index finger and thumb brushed against the wide corona of the glans. Fuck, he exclaimed to himself. With one hand he jerked the shaft and with the other he massaged the large bulb, which was unusually large compared to the shaft's girth. This wasn't a cock or penis. It was a phallus, the phallus of a god.

Continued Tomorrow

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