Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sexual Adventures of Steve BLUF - Part 1

Steve was feeling horny tonight.  He danced naked in front of the wall-to-wall mirror in his bathroom.   He ran his thick fingers over his beefy body, every now and then pulling playfully on his firm nipples.  He ran his hand along the beard over his square jaw and round cheek, making sure they were well groomed.  He flashed his toothy smile as he traced his short mustache with a fingertip. He clipped a few errant pieces of hair with a pair of small scissors. He winked at his reflection, a twinkle in his blue eyes.

He swung his hips as he danced. He loved the way his low-hanging testicles bounced against each other and against his thighs.  He teased his cock, pulling the heavy layer of skin back with his fingers, exposing the tender pink head.  He hefted it with one hand and tapped it against the palm of his other hand, enjoying the size and weight of it.  He threw his arms up into air and shook his ass, dancing in circles, watching his reflection.  He was well covered with fine, brown hair from head to toe.  He ran a hand down along the curve of a buttock, his fingertips swimming in the soft fur.  He spanked his ass playfully and laughed as it jiggled like jello.
"We're gonna have fun tonight," he sang as he danced to his bedroom.  He hopped from foot to foot as he pulled out a white jockstrap from a dresser.  The fabric of the pouch was worn, almost translucent.  He bopped over to a tall mirror, shook his genitals, spun around, and bent over.  He spread his thick legs apart so he could see himself in the mirror. He spread his cheeks apart to expose his rosebud, still slightly puckered from the anal stretching with a plug last night. Steve pulled the jockstrap on and stood up, appreciating how it accentuated his curvature, both front and back.

He snapped on a leather armband over each bicep. He smiled, noticing that the armbands fit a little tighter than when he bought them a month ago. All those arm curls were paying off. He put on a pair of faded blue jeans. It was tight across his ass and thighs but fit well otherwise. He turned sideways to the mirror, nodding at the prominent bulge. He buckled on a black leather belt on which he clipped on a leather pouch with a snap-on lid. He stashed some condoms, a blindfold, and a small bottle of lube into the pouch. He debated on what to wear for a top. It was going to be a cool night; he'll need something warm when not indoors. He decided on a sweatshirt which could be easily put on and taken off.

Continued Tomorrow

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