Wednesday, 3 August 2011

What leather and other fetishwear means to me

From a very young age, I always loved skintight body shaping clothing and I can first recall seeing SUPERMAN starring Christopher Reeves where here was a sex God clad in tight body shaping lycra and that beautiful crotch outline through his underpants mmmmmm.

 I also grew up seeing Tarzan (Johnny Weissmueller) with that muscular torso and that all enticing loin cloth and beautiful long lean thighs, oh how I used melt when he came on the TV.

Both these TV characters had a big influence on my growing fetishes throughout my teenage years, I used keep cutouts from magazines (See Below of examples) of strong muscled fetish wearing hunks and dreamed one day that it could be me wearing either lycra, rubber or leather.

 As you can see from these pics the 2 above influences had a major say in my feelings about fetishwear.
I used raid my mothers tights collection and try and form a tight suit from them and feel all super heroic in them, even had a long cape, I used live next to a huge wooded area and I would often head deep into the woods, put on the clothing (Tights and cape) and masterbate my load off feeling so hot and sexy at the time. Sometimes on moonlit nights I sneak out the bedroom window and head into the woods again to pleasure myself in my costume under the full moon, when I eventually began working and earning a wage and was introduced to the biggest doorway to gay porn and other images THE INTERNET, I began to realise I wasn't the only man on earth that loved seeing fetishmen and their clothing. I plucked up the courage to purchase from an online website a spandex replica SUPERMAN suit which I still own to this day grant it has a few rips and precum stains but its still hanging in my wardrobe. This was my first step out of the fetish loving wardrobe, next came the purchase of my first ever lambskin soft leather jeans which turned me on big time, as if someone connected a 10,000KW powerline to me making every hair on my body stand in excitement. The feeling of how they felt on my athletic body and the sensation of pure sexual energy was pulsing through me. I loved the SMELL, FEEL & even TASTE of Leather.
I soon started chatting to other leather guys online, and they invited me round to see their collections of fetishwear, OMG, the heavens opened and I was in ecstasy and AWE at thier collections. I knew I had found my heart when surrounded by fetishwear, something about it stirs me up and energy bursts through my veins, allows the animal in me turn up and lust fetish. I have no real idea where all the skintight fitting fetishwear stems from but its a habit I sure love fulfilling and now if I could only find someone special in my life who feels exactly the way I do towards the magic that is fetishwear in my life, I sure would be living an everyday heaven.

Be sure to comment and let me know what was your fetish love and where you think your love stems from. Listen, any thoughts on fetishwear is very welcome, I'm a listening ear and delighted to hear your thoughts and feelings.


  1. Steve, reading this, I was amazed at how you describe getting your leather trousers, because it felt exactly the same way for me ( and it still does). It was an enlightening experience, discovering something about yourself that you knew, but now YOU KNEW.
    Thank you for sharing your experience

  2. @Gus Casals,
    You're most welcome, what I write here is from my own personal experiences so I guess thats what makes us all a big fetish family in this crazy world nowadays. Enjoy the reading my fetish friend ;-P


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