Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bedtime story - Masters Friend

He had been my Master for about 6 months now,I have a separate living space, but I mostly stay with my Master when he doesn’t have to work, and sometimes, I am allowed to be there when he isn’t home. I do all things a slave should do; cook, clean, laundry, and of course, servicing my Master whenever he beckons. We are into a lot of things, most leather, bondage, cigars, cigarettes, and a few random here and theres. He had been away for about a week for work, we had been texting each other every day, he kept saying things like, “wait until I get home slave, I am going to use you hardcore”. I got really excited, and was a good slave and didn’t touch my cock like he ordered me too. He was supposed to arrive back into town at about 4 o’clock on Saturday. He called me during a layover and told me I had to be ready at my place with all my leathers and bondage gear in a duffle bag at 4:30 in the afternoon. So at 4:15, I sat by the door waiting for the normal SUV to pull up. Finally, right at 4:30, Master pulled up and I got into the car. He greeted me and told me that we are going to go a parking lot and have a little fun. We arrived at an abandoned parking lot on the edge of town, we parked and hopped in the back. He ordered me to change into my Leather pants, leather harness, vest, gloves, and boots. So I did, he then put a hood over my head, and then a collar tightly around my neck. He then placed me on my stomach and hog-tied me, gagged, and blindfolded me. He hopped into the front seat and drove for what seemed like days. When we finally stopped, he comes around and unties me, and uncovers my eyes. We are in the woods, and I don’t really know where we are. There are several bunches of trees around us, but we are in a sort of clearing. He puts me on my knees and ungags me. He says I need to service his crotch. So I start licking, and sucking on his bulge, God how I missed this for a week. I can feel his 9 inch cock growing and growing in his pants. He then unbuttons his pants and his huge cock flops out and hits me in the mouth, he says, “open your mouth wide slave, I want to feel your throat around my cock”. So I open wide and he shoves his cock deep into my throat. I start choking and pulling back, he grabs my head with his gloved hands and says, “No slave, I want you to choke, you need to remember who is in charge, that I am your Master, and you are my property”. I choke on his hard cock for what seems like hours, but soon he stops. He gags me tightly again, and bends me over the back of his SUV. He lubes my hole, and fingers me for a few minutes to loosen up my hole. Master says, hes been waiting for this tight hole for a week. He shoves his cock against my tight hole, and tells me that I better prepare for this pounding and that the night is just starting. He shoves his cock deep into my hole, as far as he can go. I scream through my gag at the pain, he just laughs and waits there for a minute. He then fucks me until he shoots his juices into my hole. He then pulls out and plugs my hole with a small plug. He then grabs me by the collar and leads me over to a tree near the clearing. He ties my hands behind the tree, ties my waist around the tree, and he ties my legs to the tree as well. I feel my tight bindings and that I am not going anywhere. He then tells me that he has a surprise for me and that I am still his slave and that I am to take orders. He gags me tightly, blindfolds me, and grabs my cock real tight. Then I hear him walking away, a car door open and close, the SUV start up, and drive away. I am in shock, my Master just left me in the woods, tied to a tree, in full leathers, gagged, blindfolded, and hooded. Last time I saw anything, it was almost dark. I am left standing against this tree with no idea of when I was going home or what was going to happen to me. I lose count of the minutes that have gone by, and then I hear the sound of a car pulling up, I think its my Master coming back to get me, then the car pulls closer, stops and I hear a door open and close. The engine is left running and I hear footsteps getting closer and closer. I hope its not a cop finding me like this. What would I say? How would I explain this? I hear the footsteps get real close and then stop. I then hear him say, “MMMMM lookie here what I found. Just like someone said it was going to be here.” I didn’t recognize the voice, but I figured my Master was allowing others to use me, and if Master wants it, then so be it. He takes off my blindfold and I look at him. He is a sexy man, wearing a full leather outfit. He is wearing tight leather pants, leather boots, a tight leather shirt, leather necktie that hangs down over the leather strap that goes over the body, leather gloves, and a leather cap. I instantly get hard. He looks me up and down, and notices the growing bulge in my pants. He grabs my crotch with his gloved hand and I moan in pleasure. He steps back to his truck and pulls out a cigar, takes off the wrapper, clips the end, grabs a small torch from his pocket and lights his cigar. He takes a deep inhale, and then exhales right in my face. I take in his exhale as deep as I can. He does this a few more times, then he takes off my gag and puts the cigar in my mouth and tells me that I better not drop it or else I will be left in the woods all night long and no one will come get me. He says his name is Master E, and I should refer to him this way or suffer the consequences. He watch him pull his truck closer to me. He has an extended cab and he opens both doors. He gets out a bag and throws it on the ground. He walks around the tree and undoes all my bindings. I don’t move without permission because I know better. He grabs the cigar out my mouth and does a deep inhale, and then kisses me deeply and exhales into my mouth. His tongue takes power over mine, and his lips are so sweet against mine. He takes off my collar, and hood. I feel a little sense of freedom. He gets into his bag and pulls out a gas mask and some chains. He puts the gas mask on me and lays me on my back in the cab of his truck. He binds my hands to the door with a small set of chains, and then binds my ankles to the bottom of the seat. The hose of the gasmask extends to the front seat. The next thing that happens is he gets into his truck, puts on his seat belt, puts the cigar into the end of the hose, and holds it there for what has to be at least 5-10 minutes, all I am breathing is cigar smoke. He then removes the cigar and I can breath oxygen again. He does this periodically through the car ride. Once we arrive at our destination, he pulls me out of the car, takes off the gas mask, and gags me tightly and takes me inside. We go in a nice looking house, and he takes me into the basement, his cigar is about 3 quarters gone, and whats left hangs in his mouth the entire time. He puts me on the floor, still bound by chains, and puts me on my knees. He takes the gag out of my mouth and tells me to lick his boots, that his leather needs a new shining and I better make sure it shines perfectly. I lick each boot and begin working my way up each leg. Once I get to his crotch area he grabs my hair and spits into my mouth. He walks away and grabs another cigar and lights that one as well. He puts his crotch back in my face and grabs my hair with his gloved hand and pushes his leathered crotch all around my face. He opens the crotch part of his jeans and takes his cock out. It is a large dick, looks about 10 inches length and a little bit smaller than a pop can in width. I am not quite sure if I can take this cock, but I don’t have the choice. He spits into my mouth and kisses me deeply, he says, “you like that slave boy, huh you bitch, you like that?” I respond with “Yes Master E, thank you Master E. “ He grabs my hair and puts his gloved hand on my jaw, he opens my mouth wide, and then shoves his huge cock in my mouth. I can barely take it. He shoves it as far as it will go. I start to choke, and he just moans. He begins to face fuck me....he is using my hair is a moment of force, back and forth. I start to spit up a little bit, but he just uses it for lube for his cock in my throat. My throat soon begins to open and Master E is just fucking me harder and harder while blowing his cigar smoke on me. He soon stops and ties me to a saw horse. He says that now he is going to fuck me like I need and there is nothing I can do, and i am going to take his huge cock. He fucked me long and hard until he shot in my hole. He then plugged me up, gasmasked me, and returned me to my Master. Every now and again, I get picked up by Master E and he uses me differently every time.

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