Saturday, 30 July 2011

A little bit about this fetishman

I live in a small town in the South East of Ireland, we have no GAY bars in our town so no real hangout spot to socialise with other gay men, I would have to travel to Waterford city to go to a GAY bar which turns out to have 75% straight clientel so not really a chance to meet anyone there from time to time, At the moment my only lifeline is GAYDAR website but even at that I find it hard to find like minded fetishmen like myself.
I recently broke up with my partner of 4.5years which has left me heartbroken and afraid to trust anyone again, I loved him with all my heart and feel so lost without him, I truly felt he was my soulmate.
But life has taken many strange turns of faith for me in the last few months, where I lost my permanent job in the construction industry and so i've had to reskill myself and adapt into another work environment such as theatre and everything entertaining. So maybe this will turnout to be a wise decision we'll see.
I love wearing my fetishwear but not having anyone nearby to have fun with and appreciate the look is a major loss in my life and also not having the money to buy new gear is a hard thing to take but I manage to live on.
At the moment I find it kinda hard to go out and socialise with anyone as I'm still reeling over the breakup so any advice you can give me would be very much welcomed.
I do feel time will heel a broken heart and some day I'll get back out there. Haven't been to any fetish nights recently due to them cancelling and closing down in Dublin, the hope of re running them again is there so fingers crossed I guess.

I felt it was right to let you into a little part of my daily life as I regard ye all as true friends. Hope you all have a great weekend

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