Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Latest update as regards the FB situation

I decided late Sunday night to bite the bullet and setup another FB account, so after creating a gmail account and adding that to the new FB account. great all going well, when it asked me if I wanted to add new friends, so I said yes and searched my email address book for all my previous friends which it allows me to do, so I'm thinking fantastic, this'll speed the setup up.

Having sent over 800 email invites to friends, FB suddenly goes all quiet and next thing Login screen jumps up, ASKING ME TO LOGIN AGAIN, so I think no problem with that,but this is where FB clever programmers win the battle.

It asks me to add my MOBILE NUMBER as a confirmation I'm a real person................................Obviously this is a method of stopping spam.........................so I add my mobile number and then CHECKMATE

FB messages me to my email that a SECURITY breach has happened and that I'm trying to create a multiple account. Yes this is true as I have my personal account with everyday family and friends, whom I have yet to comeout in terms of my fetishes so thats my reason for an alternative account so I can immerse myself in fetish friends from every corner of the globe.

Steve 0                   Facebook 1

Well done the programmers, ye have now created a great deterant for multiple accounts. SO I now have the situation of tons of my fetish friends are accepting my new account (Recieving confirmed friend emails) and I can't access my FB account so what on earth do I do now????????

Please comment with possible solutions as I'm knocking my head against the wall trying to solve this obstacle.

A possible solution is for all my friends to subscribe here as friends and we'd keep touch that way.


  1. Not sure how to follow you here. My Google account is a semi business account. Yahoo is mostly what I use for my fetish emails. I do follow this blog on Google Reader and enjoy your posts.

    Best, Don

  2. Delighted Don to know you're enjoying my posts.
    Details on how to follow a BLOG are as follows:-

    Do you have a favorite blog and want to let the author and readers know that you are a fan?

    Fetish loving regards


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