Monday, 21 March 2011

Bedtime tale #1

A cute hot leather guy in his 30's pinched my tight little bubble butt encased in tight jeans. He was wearing a leather jockstrap and chaps and nothing else.
He looked at me all night, undressing me with his hot eyes . I found myself drawn to him he had a hot look about him. So we talked and got to know one another and he invited me to his apartment and so, I went. He had a great apartment with a big living room looking out over the city. That's were we began to undress each other, slowly he undressed me and slid his hot leather jock on to my nude body, watching as it slid up my tight muscles and encased my tight ass.
He then lead me in to his bedroom, where he had a leather sling from the ceiling. He tied my hands to the sling and pulled my body up into the air, so he would have total control of my body. He first began to lick my body and lick between my spread legs, tasting my young flesh encased in the leather jock, tasting my precum building on the jock and pulling the jock to one side to lick my tight virgin ass. He was busy spreading and teasing it with his hot wet tongue.
Then he ripped the jock off, grabbing my tight little waist and plowing is thick cock deep into my tight virgin ass, fucking me hard and deep spreading my tight young hole wide open with each deep thrust making me cry out with pain. He plowed my hot tight wet ass hard and deep until he pulled from my used ass and shot his hot load over my smooth tight chest.
Thanks for a great night
mmmmmmmmmmm would love a second dose of your hot cock.

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