Friday, 18 March 2011

R.U.L.E. fetish night Dublin IS BACK ON... in a new venue


RULE IS BACK ON... in a new venue.

Just to let you all know we have secured a new venue for our RULE night from May 2011.

[under the Arlington Hotel on Castle Street, Temple Bar] – entrance behind the FRONT LOUNGE

Date: 1st SUNDAY of the MONTH, commencing SUNDAY 1st May [May Bank Holiday Weekend]

The Time: Open from 9.00pm ‘til late

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends soon – so start getting the word out there!

Karl (irl_skin)

See Rule_Ireland club on for most up to date info.

What is R.U.L.E. fetish night all about (taken from Rule_Ireland club forum on

Each month we just seem to grow that extra bit stronger with word & news of this event. The support from guys interested in wanting to explore the whole fetish scene and then our other loyal experienced fetish regular's who want to try help us finally create a on-going fetish scene on a regular basic's within our Dublin gay scene and nationwide.

So really if you have been curious about attending this event, but have been holding it off till next month each time, you may miss out altogether on the possible opportunity off how much you could really enjoy being part of the fetish scene at event's held all over the world and the great comradship there does be involved, by having a disired sexual fetish towards gear & other kinky activities. All by starting off small and meeting new people, making new friends locally by just coming to RULE night.

That is why we all need to work together as a team, to prove owner's of other venue's wrong, that infact there is a great demand within our Irish community to have an event that's new, exciting, liberating and different to what's currently on offer at the moment in our gay community social scene and for us to be able to host on a more suitable night for all.

Really if other small places such as Antwerp can play host to big fetish event's for guys all over and we still cannot, it leaves alot to be questioned about the lack of openess, freedom to express and not have to worry about stigma attached within our supposed modern gay society here in Ireland.

If this has prevented you from coming so far. What's the point in marching the streets in Dublin for gay pride each year, if your worried about what other's will think of you for coming to this event?
This though is our chance now to eventually progress over time and show put Ireland on the map and at level with the rest of modern gay Europe.

That is why we can't stress enough the importances of having this venue while we do and to take every opportunity to promote the possible potential there is, while given this chance.

If you have not yet been and have been keen, I really urge you to give it a try. I know it's not easy with it being on a Sunday night and the small matter of having work the next morning for many of you (including the organiser's). Alot of us involved, know how at first, starting out can be a nerve wrecking & a daunting feeling within before attending an event of this nature. Therefore it is important for 1st timer's to know to please not hesitate in sending a message to guys such as myself (gazdublin), Karl (irl_skin), John (rubjob), Sean (blackleather6) and our club RULE_IRELAND to ask questions, provide reasurances, have faces to know and approch/chat to on the night and to help you get the best possible fullfilment in your efforts in attending RULE.

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