Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My webcam experience

Recently got chatting to a long distant friend online and he asked me if I did webcam to webcam fun. So I said yeah why not and I told him I was just out of the bath and wasn't really gonna get all horny with him but he said that was fine and we'd just talk sexy over the link.
I opened SKYPE and added his contact details and as I typed I noticed my cock jumping up in excitement, I was stiff in anticipation. Once we connected, my friend asked me to strip off my robe and show my bod to him, again my cock twitched in excitement and when I deRobed he was well impressed with my horn and slim toned bod that stood before him. I too was getting all energised and horned up looking at my friend in his black with red trim shiny latex briefs which was also sporting a horn.
My friend asked if I had any hat to put on, so I raided the wardrobe and got my Muir cap and placed it on my head, I also put on a pair of black leather jocks and my favourite black leather boots.
I was like a raging animal in front of the Web camera as the thoughts of my friend looking and drooling over my bod and lusting to pound my tight ass with his horny precumming cock was intense between us. I have never experienced this adreneline rush before with online sex play. I found it an amazing experience and hope to interact with my long distance friend again soon or for real if possible.
What do you think? Have you had an online webcam to webcam experience? Was it good for you?

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