Saturday, 5 March 2011

Irish Fetish scene

Here in Ireland we are still only coming out of the shadows with gay life and recently the passing of the law for same sex couples to have a civil partnership was a step in the right direction.
As for a leather or fetish scene its all behind closed doors but maybe in time this will grow to be something thats accepted also.
Many attempts have been tried throughout the years to have  monthly get together for men that love their fetishwear, and the likes of L.U.B.E. or Dresscode or XXL or R.U.L.E. were setup.
These are nights run at certain times in the month to accomodate any horny men into their fetishes, be it leather, rubber, lycra or anyother, its a casual way for men into fetish to meet and chat other guys into the same.
But unfortunately recently our only fetish night R.U.L.E. in Dublin was cancelled and the owner of the venue it was held decided it was no more for him as an article was written in a sunday paper about him and the goings on behind closed doors.
I know the committee setup to organise this night were really upset as it was just starting to get going for them and currently are seeking a new premises for us fetish men to meet and have some fun together.
I guess you could say here in Ireland we are progressing slowly but surely and the future looks good for us fetishmen.

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