Saturday, 5 March 2011

Inside my Leather wardrobe

1 pair of black ROB leather 501 style jeans

1 Black ROB leather police style shirt

1 pair of black soft lambskin leather pants, lined

1 pair of black lustafashion side laced leather jeans

1 pair of black Leather chaps

1 black leather vest

1 brown leather vest

1 sam brown belt

1 pair of steeltoe CAT boots

1 pair of Black biker boots

1 Black with silver trim Muir Cap

2 black ROB leather wrist wallets

1 leather bandana

1 pair of black DAMASCUS leather police gloves
1 casual black leather jacket

Photos of the following items to come shortly
1 full leather body harness
1 classic style biker jacket
1 biker jacket
1 black leather jockstrap
1 black ROB Jockstrap
2 Black leather wrist straps
1 pair of black leather fingerless gloves
1 black leather ROB belt

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