Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Gay Superheroes Gallery

I know I'm bigger but its also more sensitive.

Shucks Batman, its beautiful.
I can feel your cock getting harder against mine, Nice.

Wow, I'm now your slave and will abide by masters every wish

Finally the truth will out, I'm GAY Lois.

You're coming back to the batcave with me for an orgy.

Oh yeah the deeper the better, team mate. YEsssssssss

Job well done Boy Wonder, you now reap your reward.

Oh my, they really love each other.

I kissed a guy and I really liked it

Super Kiss

No one will see us here, lets play Sexy.

Oh Shucks Batman, I feel you're getting really hard again, I want it so badly.

Job well done and now for your payment of duty

Shucks batman, your lips are so moist round my cock, Nice.

How did you know I had major feelings for you?

Spidey, I think your senses have been hieghten.

Come here and kiss me you hot spandex hero.

mmmm this is so sweeping me off my feet, and juicy.

You're now my slave and you'll take whatever I order of you.
This feels so right, you're so Hot.
Oh this is amazing, What a kisser.
Suck Hard Superman mmmmmm

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