Monday, 25 April 2016

Steve, Mr Geared Ireland 2016

Biker Steve
(Photography by K Hayden Dublin 2016)

Officer Steve
(Photography by K Hayden Dublin 2016)

Sporty Steve
(Photography by K Hayden Dublin 2016)
(Photography by K Hayden Dublin 2016)

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter in Berlin 2016

Canal boat trip around Berlin

Burn Rubber superhero style - Schaune Bar

Tom Of  Finland meets Batman and Superman

Group shot

Titleholders photo

Dinner at Passione

GEAR shop Berlin

Being a Berlin virgin and dreaming for so many years to get over to this amazing city of fun and kink, finally 2016 was to be the year. Not only was it my first visit to Berlin but also as a titleholder from Ireland I felt extra privileged to be in such a fantastic city. Here are some videos and photos of such a wonderful memorable trip. Thanks to GEARED IRELAND for making this happen for me.

Bear attack in Belin

Info point on Fuggerstrasse

Pink Triangle on Easter Sunday at Nolendorf platz

Drinks in Prinznecht Bar

Sally Bowles

Sally Bowles

Standing and saluting at the Berlin Wall in Postdamer Platz

Flight back to Ireland from Tegel

Berlin I will return soon, Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Waders time.......join me for some wet fun

Time to get my kink on............wearing my black thigh high rubber waders, rubber gasmask and rubber jockstrap.
I'm back!!!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Coming soon............Blog Update

I hope to get this blog up and running again soon as it has been a long time without any posting.

In the meantime......



Huge fetish filled Hugs n Tugs

Steve aka slavePup BUTCH

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mr Leather Europe 2012 announced as Kilker Alcaraz

Massive congratulations to Kilker Alcaraz on his recent victory and crowning of Mr Leather Europe 2012 in Hamburg Germany. I'm privileged to know this hunky fetishman and have been in his presence recently for Manchester Pride Parade. He certainly represents us fetishmen in a very bright light and I know he'll be a huge assest to all us fetishmen in the fantastic work that he does all around the world.
Fetish Hugs n Tugs Guapo Kilker

Kilker Alcaraz - Mr Leather Europe 2012

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Manchester Pride Parade 2012

Photo credit to Kilker Alcarez
Being a Gay Pride Virgin, I had absolutely no expectations or ideas of what being part of a Gay Pride parade would be like, So Saturday 25th August will be the day I will not forget ever in my lifetime. Dressed in our polished leathers, Jai and I made our way to the meeting point for our position in the parade. There we met the most amazing and welcoming fetish guys, many are long online internet friends that we have had many a chat online but never met in the flesh (as so many fetishmen seem to live the virtual fetish life all the time so nothing unusual there). No, what we experienced was definitely physical and REAL. How to put into words what my experience, of marching in my first ever Gay Pride parade, dressed in my fetish gear infront of thousands of onlookers and proud people, in my now newly adopted home of Manchester UK would be impossible.
Photo credit to Kilker Alcarez
Even more special was the fact I was experiencing all this holding my now lifetime soulmate Jai's gloved hands and smiling from cheek to cheek all the way through Manchester. The feelings we both felt on this occasion will stay with us FOREVER. Every step we took in our leather boots made us both feel we were floating on cloud nine hearing the cheers and roars and the piercing heartfelt whistles was so surreal, being surrounded by so many wonderful fetishmen was a dream that I had all my life and now here it was in the flesh. I felt so honoured and I know Jai felt so honoured also to be able to partake in this amazing day.
Walking in a parade is an experience and the nerves can get to anyone, but walking holding the hands of the one I love so much in this life, dressed in leather chaps, Studded chain pouch (Wore a pair of black Speedoes with the words HORNY DEVIL printed on the back to conceal due to public display of nudity laws), Leather Boots, Red leather tie, Biker jacker, military Cap, mirrored Sunglasses, White Shirt, leather police gloves felt so electric, I felt i generated enough energy to power the Universe over infinite times.
If you ever have the opportunity to march in a PRIDE PARADE or take part on a float in any way possible I highly recommend doing so as this is definitely an experience I will never ever forget.
Thanks to everyone in Manchester UK for coming out and supporting the parade, Thanks Kilker, Roland, Sy, Kieron, Steven, Arnaud, Martin, Gary and all my fetish family that was involved in such a memorable day.

Variety of pics taken on the day

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Shopping at the BLUF store

Some recent purchases from the BLUF online shop. Well worth a look and now has the added facility to design and create your own print design.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

International Hanky Code

International code for Hanky wearers.

Click the link to ECMC International Hankies Code.

"How do you wear yours"
Let me know for future reference in the comments section above ;-P

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

R.U.L.E. features on BLOG

SIR DART recently visited Dublin to teach a beginners Rope Bondage workshop

and the following is an account of his visit and night at the ONLY Gay fetish Night in Ireland - R.U.L.E.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

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